Melanoma "In Situ"

Contact a dermatologist as soon as possible, because early detection can vastly increase your chances for cure.

Patients with “in situ” melanoma are considered at some risk for local recurrence or for regional and distant growth.

Cancer and survival rate is based on many factors and determined on an individual basis by dermatologists.


Melanomas “in situ” tend to be flat and asymmetric with irregular borders.

They can be black, brown, tan, gray or even pink if the person has fair skin.

Areas that receive the most sunlight, such as the scalp, face and neck, are more likely to develop melanoma, however non-sun exposed areas are also at risk.

With this prediction of melanoma “in situ”, emdee Skin recommends professional full-body examinations at least once or twice a year.

After visitng a dermatologist, emdee Skin also suggest checking your own skin head-to-toe once a month for any suspicious lesions.


Your doctor may offer treatment choices depending on the stage of the disease, the location of the tumor and your overall health.

Ask your dermatologist to clearly explain what might work best for you, including details about the benefits and risks.