Carcinoma In Situ

Consult a dermatologist about being at risk of Carcinoma “in situ”.

Precancerous cells in such lesions can become cancerous and invasive without treatment. Carcinoma “in situ” itself does not necessarily mean you have cancer.

Found early, a dermatologist can often treat carcinoma.


Carcinomas “in situ” can appear as scaly red patches, open sores, rough, thickened or wart-like skin, or raised growths with a central depression.

At times, lesions may crust over, itch or bleed. Most commonly sun-exposed areas of the body are affected.

Lesions can also occur in other areas of the body, including the genitals.

Carcinomas “in situ” look different on everyone.

Trust your instinct and visit a dermatologist whenever you see something out of the ordinary.


Ask your dermatologist to clearly explain the options that might work best for you, including details about the risks and benefits.